Welcome to Moulin des Gondrillers


What's such as a water-mill to relax and recharge your batteries?

The river Risle waters the house's feet and the two mill-races. It can be ride with canoes and there are various species of fish you can try to catch.

In addition to the mill there is also a long farmhouse, an ancient steel factory and former stalls. The ensemble is encircled with a low wall and pillars made of flint and bricks as traditionally in this area. Around that stands an apple orchard and a lot of big and different trees.

Don't miss the road to find the place: hidden after a small path going down towards the river from a corner of the road. Les Gondrillers is a very small hamlet of the small village Saint Martin d'Ecublei which has 600 inhabitants at the border of two départements: the Eure and the Orne. The environment is woody and rural as the Orne is Normandy's most agricultural county. It is located 10 min from L'Aigle which is 130 km from Paris Montparnasse station.

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